Empowering Voters

Tennessee was once a leader in civic engagement, but today our state has fallen behind. Our voter registration and turnout rates are some of the lowest in the nation, and our election systems could be upgraded. Many Tennesseans report they feel disconnected from civic life and unsure about how to weigh in on decisions that affect them.

Ensuring All Voices are Heard

We know secure, modern election systems save taxpayer dollars and protect our elections from outside interference. And streamlined voting processes help ensure all voices are heard, which allow our elected leaders to better reflect the entire community they serve.

Moving Tennessee Forward

To move Tennessee forward, ThinkTennessee is focused on these evidence-based solutions:

  • Ensuring Tennessee voters can register and vote using modern systems that reflect best practices.
  • Working toward an open and fair redistricting process that better engages the public.
  • Empowering Tennessee communities to get involved in the redistricting process.
  • Restoring voting rights to many of the 420,000 Tennesseans who today are barred from voting because of a past felony conviction.
  • Supporting local leaders in their work to make civic engagement a priority.


voting during a pandemic oct 2020 - Think Tennessee

Voting During the Pandemic: How Tennessee Elections are Adapting to Covid-19 (2020)

Tennessee voters casting ballots in person saw a number of enhanced safety measures at polling places, and more Tennesseans were eligible to cast absentee ballots. This brief highlights the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on Tennessee elections in 2020.

thinktn fact sheet women in tn elections 2021 - Think Tennessee

Women in Tennessee
Elections Fact Sheet (2021)

August 18, 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.  A century on, how has the right to vote impacted Tennessee women’s political representation at the ballot box and in elected office? This fact sheet summarizes trends in women’s voter registration, turnout, and political leadership.

thinktn 2021 redistricting brief full image - Think Tennessee


The Tennessee General Assembly will begin redrawing electoral boundaries for congressional and legislative districts this year. The process, known as redistricting, only occurs every ten years. This three-part brief explains the specifics of how maps are typically drawn and approved in Tennnessee, as well as current and potential opportunities for public engagement.